Friday, February 13, 2009


I spoke with Dad last night and he told me that the Dr told him he would have to have a medi-port inserted prior to the start of chemo. I believe this will be a day surgery procedure. I think this is a great idea and hope Dad has no issues with this. I was mistaken thinking Dad would have chemo everyday but, it's every WEEK. I am considering calling the oncologist to find out what meds he is on and the duration of treatment. Dad didn't really know.

He seems really happy with his apartment and has even hung a few pictures! So happy that this apt will be more like home than the last one. This is crucial I think for him when he is down and out.

Anyone else have any other news?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Address Mistake----See below for correction

600 Independence Parkway #2219
Plano, TX 75075

Sorry for the confusion,
Steve & Melissa

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The battle has just begun!

After my visit to see Dad I feel great about some things and frustrated about the rest. Like I said in the previous blog, I could have stayed there another week and still found more to do.
I went with Dad to see Dr. Greenberg and he was wonderful. Dad will be having 7 weeks of radiation lasting 15 minutes long. He was fitted for his mask today so that his head will stay still during the procedure and also so they will not have to mark on his body!
The effects of his rads are:
*dry/pasty saliva
*taste dysfunction
*will not be able to eat (not sure about another feeding tube, Dr. Greenberg was shocked at the site of the last one and said the scar next to it was "unexplainable")

Some of these will also be permanent but should improve slightly with time.
Dad will be put on pain meds for the duration of this therapy. The further into treatment, the stronger the meds. Once he is done, they will wean him off these medications. This will obviously impair his driving ability too.
Dr. Greenberg said that he will be in the toughest period after the 3rd-4th week on
Dad is a very pleasant patient and the whole staff said they would do anything and everything to get him through this. He has a very tough road ahead and I assume some days he will spend in bed. Let's just hope and pray his attitude gets him through. I tried to explain over and over how important that is during all this.

He has an appointment with the oncologist Febuary 11th. His name is Dr. Kirby. The radiation will probably get underway a few days prior to chemo.

I was unable to get to Dad's car :( and the paperwork Melissa prepared. I hope Stuart or Tracy can help out with that.

Dad is unpacked for the most part and hopefully will take some pride in this new place. I think Bobbie plans to spend some time there so maybe that will make him more accountable.

I only wish I was there to do more.

The Dr. recommended Dad take L glutamine liquid which I will be purchasing online for him.

Monday, February 2, 2009

what a day :) Dad and I started off early today in preparation for a 2 hour chemo treatment. For some reason his oncologist had given him the wrong dates, and Dad cannot start back on chemo until radiation begins. We left a little upset that we just wasted several hours and no treatment was given. Bobbie told me this was not the first time that Dad has been given wrong dates.

His rads appointment was set for 2/9 (next Monday) I called the office and asked if we could move that appointment to a closer date. I was able to get a consult appt for Wed morning at 8:30am. He has to have a consult, then a planning session (Basically, to fit him for his mask)He will wear a mask everyday to radiation so that his head won't move during his treatment. I expect he will have a start date sometime next week.

I think it is in Dad's best interest to change from Dr. Perkins to a new oncologist in the Texas Onocology group, where he will be getting his radiation. It seems really silly to drive all the way to Med City for chemo and then drive all the way to Plano for his radiation treatment. I hope no one objects to this but, I called Dr. Perkins office to get this process rolling. I will also ask Dr. Greenberg for a referral on a new oncologist for Dad. HE will be going EVERYDAY for chemo, injections, and hydration. I want to make this as easy as possible for Dad and one-stop shopping is the best idea for him.

His new place is so nice. I believe this is one of the nicest apt's he has had in quite sometime. Thanks to Melissa for all the hard work getting him in and thanks to Tracy and Andy for giving Dad some furnishings to make his new house a home.

I have not accomplished near what I would have liked to...heck, I could be here a month and still find more stuff to do....IT's extremely frustrating.

Dad seems to be doing OK and I gave him a lecture about making this place a home and really trying to take care of it. Not sure if it sank in or just went in one ear and out the other...let's hope he will take some to initiative make it a nicer place to live.

I am still working on the paperwork Melissa, Dad can't find the folder with all his info in it.