Monday, February 2, 2009

what a day :) Dad and I started off early today in preparation for a 2 hour chemo treatment. For some reason his oncologist had given him the wrong dates, and Dad cannot start back on chemo until radiation begins. We left a little upset that we just wasted several hours and no treatment was given. Bobbie told me this was not the first time that Dad has been given wrong dates.

His rads appointment was set for 2/9 (next Monday) I called the office and asked if we could move that appointment to a closer date. I was able to get a consult appt for Wed morning at 8:30am. He has to have a consult, then a planning session (Basically, to fit him for his mask)He will wear a mask everyday to radiation so that his head won't move during his treatment. I expect he will have a start date sometime next week.

I think it is in Dad's best interest to change from Dr. Perkins to a new oncologist in the Texas Onocology group, where he will be getting his radiation. It seems really silly to drive all the way to Med City for chemo and then drive all the way to Plano for his radiation treatment. I hope no one objects to this but, I called Dr. Perkins office to get this process rolling. I will also ask Dr. Greenberg for a referral on a new oncologist for Dad. HE will be going EVERYDAY for chemo, injections, and hydration. I want to make this as easy as possible for Dad and one-stop shopping is the best idea for him.

His new place is so nice. I believe this is one of the nicest apt's he has had in quite sometime. Thanks to Melissa for all the hard work getting him in and thanks to Tracy and Andy for giving Dad some furnishings to make his new house a home.

I have not accomplished near what I would have liked to...heck, I could be here a month and still find more stuff to do....IT's extremely frustrating.

Dad seems to be doing OK and I gave him a lecture about making this place a home and really trying to take care of it. Not sure if it sank in or just went in one ear and out the other...let's hope he will take some to initiative make it a nicer place to live.

I am still working on the paperwork Melissa, Dad can't find the folder with all his info in it.

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