Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Apartment update

As soon as I got of the phone with you guys, I called Dad's apt's. They told me that Dad's lease is up on Jan 31 and that they never "retracted" the 60 day notice since Dad never put it into writing.

SO, I think it's best that we just leave it as is, Dad has already written a check and he can fulfill his lease obligations. That will give us a little time to get him out of his present situation into hopefully something better :)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


4pm CST 12-31-2008 800-651-1252

Too funny not to share

Dad's words:

It baffles me that an MD , could cut a Hole in

my stomach and make it Larger, than the feeding tube he inserted.
Where is the measuring tool???

My "Momma" had a biscuit cutter and it made
each biscuit the same size.

She probably spent a nickle for this great

Melissa Communication with Dad

I wanted to let you know that I have you on 2 waiting lists for the low income senior apts in Plano. These are the ones that we all looked at close to Bobbie's. At this time they don't have any openings. I will call again tomorrow but just a suggestion since you are going to be in Gulf States for part of January you probably need to stay in your apt until there is an opening at one of the places we looked at. Also where your apt is now you don't pay February rent so that is another bonus. Just think about it. No sense in moving just to move especially if you can get into a nice apt with low rent in the near future.

Also, if there is any way that you can get me a list of your medications faxed to me at work I can see if there is a cheaper medicare part D plan for you then Humana. My fax number is (fax)1-479-463-4499 (have them put attention Melissa). If you are going to change plans we need to do it by December 31st. It takes me no time to look it up I just need a list.

I did leave a message for the case management dept where you are to see if they might help you with some of the forms that we sent to Stuart. Make sure to let them know it is ok for them to talk to the kids and your daughter in laws if you are ok with them having communication with all of us.

Conference Call Time

We need to have our second call. I have a committment tonight at 7:05, so hopefully all of you can join a call tomorrow? I was thinking anywhere from 4-6pm? I know its New Years give me guidance on what you can do?

Monday, December 29, 2008

Phone number

Here is Dad's phone number...


I also called his apts and they gave me some info on his current status. I went ahead and retracted the 60 day notice. I think at this point is is safe to say Dad does not need to move right now. I think overall it would cost more to move him with deposits, change of utilities and moving expenses than to just have him stay where he is another year.

His rent is: $750

He will now have to pay $70-95 a month for water, sewage, cable, and pest control. If this seems too taxing on his budget, maybe we could all contribute $20 a month.
They also told me that his rent would stay the same for the next year and he would have the month of February for free.
The leasing office was extremely nice and they asked about Dad's well-being which really impressed me. Most places only care about a check!

If anyone has an different ideas, feel free to share. I just think with everything else he is going through, a move would be too stressful.

I need help in one area, Dad needs to fax in writing that he is going to stay where he is. Just a simple note stating he will be renewing his lease and all.

The contact person is Jennifer and their fax number is 972-542-8551.


Sunday, December 28, 2008 anyone out there? :::cricket noise;:::

Just wanted to pass this along:

Dad's new address...

Gulf States LTAC (sorry I had this wrong, Melissa)
8050 Meadow Rd. #203
Dallas, 75231


Saturday, December 27, 2008

A new place

I just got off the phone with Dad and he is in his new abode! He has his own room and has to share a bathroom. It seems he is happy and the Dr had just been to see him, as well as Bobbie. He told me that he was in a very nice place and was not in any pain.

He misses eating and is tired of being poked and prodded! I can only imagine....I am so thankful he is in a good place getting the care he needs and deserves :) Finally!

I found out my last radiation is Jan 27th..I thought it was sooner than that. My plan is to come to Dallas the first week of February if everything goes as planned.


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Nobody deserves to have to spend Christmas in the hospital.....bah humbug! But, we should all be the thankful that Dad is getting the care he needs and that awful tube is no longer in his stomach. We sent an arrangement to add some color to his room.

Dad.....we are thinking of you! Merry Christmas....Steve, Melissa and the Larkes from Michigan.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Thanks to Meredith I got to see a pic of Dad! It's so hard to be here with my hands tied, not able to do much. I spoke with Dad a few moments ago and he told me he was going to be there until the day after Christmas. He then will move down the street (Meadow and Central) to a rehab facility for 3 weeks. I think he is finally getting the care he needs. He seems in pretty good spirits too.

If anyone has any other info, send it along. I hope you have a great day tomorrow and I will be thinking of you.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I am copying the following email that Melissa wrote on 12/22/2008:

Just got off the phone with Tracy and I will do the best I can to get the correct information out.

Tracy went with dad to the doctors office at 10:30 today. The Gasroenterologist Dr Noel Snowberger refused to see them and said that they could come back Tuesday @2. Tracy was firm that she wasn't leaving until she saw someone. The clinic manager told her that the only way he would be able to be seen was if he was directly admitted to the hospital by the oncologist Dr Perkins. Dr Perkins was out so his partner Dr Giavanni wrote orders to have him admitted to the hospital. Tracy is still at the hospital waiting meet with the doctor at the hospital. I think this is going to be his primary doctor while in the hospital but I am not sure. This doctor will then write orders so dad can see a Wound care specialist. While in the hospital he has been getting IV nutrition. He will be assigned a social worker/discharge planner and also a cancer resource person.

Dad is in room 1104 and his phone # 972-566-7363.

We all need to continue to work together as a team. Great progress today Tracy we all appreciate your persistance!!!


Sunday, December 21, 2008

A trip down memory lane


Blog Blog Blog

Here it is :) This is a way we can all communicate with each other. Anyone can enter a Post and say whatever they want. I think is a great way to get our points across with open access.
Feel free to add whatever you like....I am just getting it up and going.

I feel we all agree that our main concern today (12/21) is the healing of the wound from the feeding tube. Let's hope this goes smoothly.


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