Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I am copying the following email that Melissa wrote on 12/22/2008:

Just got off the phone with Tracy and I will do the best I can to get the correct information out.

Tracy went with dad to the doctors office at 10:30 today. The Gasroenterologist Dr Noel Snowberger refused to see them and said that they could come back Tuesday @2. Tracy was firm that she wasn't leaving until she saw someone. The clinic manager told her that the only way he would be able to be seen was if he was directly admitted to the hospital by the oncologist Dr Perkins. Dr Perkins was out so his partner Dr Giavanni wrote orders to have him admitted to the hospital. Tracy is still at the hospital waiting meet with the doctor at the hospital. I think this is going to be his primary doctor while in the hospital but I am not sure. This doctor will then write orders so dad can see a Wound care specialist. While in the hospital he has been getting IV nutrition. He will be assigned a social worker/discharge planner and also a cancer resource person.

Dad is in room 1104 and his phone # 972-566-7363.

We all need to continue to work together as a team. Great progress today Tracy we all appreciate your persistance!!!


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