Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Melissa Communication with Dad

I wanted to let you know that I have you on 2 waiting lists for the low income senior apts in Plano. These are the ones that we all looked at close to Bobbie's. At this time they don't have any openings. I will call again tomorrow but just a suggestion since you are going to be in Gulf States for part of January you probably need to stay in your apt until there is an opening at one of the places we looked at. Also where your apt is now you don't pay February rent so that is another bonus. Just think about it. No sense in moving just to move especially if you can get into a nice apt with low rent in the near future.

Also, if there is any way that you can get me a list of your medications faxed to me at work I can see if there is a cheaper medicare part D plan for you then Humana. My fax number is (fax)1-479-463-4499 (have them put attention Melissa). If you are going to change plans we need to do it by December 31st. It takes me no time to look it up I just need a list.

I did leave a message for the case management dept where you are to see if they might help you with some of the forms that we sent to Stuart. Make sure to let them know it is ok for them to talk to the kids and your daughter in laws if you are ok with them having communication with all of us.

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