Monday, December 29, 2008

Phone number

Here is Dad's phone number...


I also called his apts and they gave me some info on his current status. I went ahead and retracted the 60 day notice. I think at this point is is safe to say Dad does not need to move right now. I think overall it would cost more to move him with deposits, change of utilities and moving expenses than to just have him stay where he is another year.

His rent is: $750

He will now have to pay $70-95 a month for water, sewage, cable, and pest control. If this seems too taxing on his budget, maybe we could all contribute $20 a month.
They also told me that his rent would stay the same for the next year and he would have the month of February for free.
The leasing office was extremely nice and they asked about Dad's well-being which really impressed me. Most places only care about a check!

If anyone has an different ideas, feel free to share. I just think with everything else he is going through, a move would be too stressful.

I need help in one area, Dad needs to fax in writing that he is going to stay where he is. Just a simple note stating he will be renewing his lease and all.

The contact person is Jennifer and their fax number is 972-542-8551.


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