Friday, May 15, 2009

Dr Greenburg Dr Kirby----Here is the running dialogue with the doctors

Inflammation will continue. Oral intake is at 10 percent and doctor wants him to increase. Dad takes no pain medication. Dad needs to walk 30 min or more a day and he needs to use a humidifier. Recovery consists of nutrition and exercise. Taste buds will never be 100 percent. Dad was a stage t2n2c. He is now in remission and awaiting his pet scan. If any residual cancer is hot they will take care of any of this thru surgery. Pet scan will be done in 2 mos, or 3 mos of completion of treatment. They treated Dad extremely aggressive. Feeding tube goes away when he eats 100 percent of his nutrition orally. They don't anticipate any cancer in tongue. If there is any cancer it will be in the neck....very manageable surgery if needed. Pet scan in 2 mos and results in 24 hours. Dad needs port taken out immediately. Neck looks great and mouth care is instrumental. Sugar free gum was suggested as well as gatorade or fruit juice.

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