Friday, March 13, 2009

Food for thought (ha ha) I am so funny ;)

I called and spoke with Dr. Greenberg's nurse Penny today. Per Penny (who saw him today) Dad is in good spirits and is doing very well. She said he is over half way through with his radiation treatment and has only lost 5 pounds.
I asked her about a special diet for Dad and she said it was mostly common sense at this point (ie: whatever he can tolerate: eggs, oatmeal, soft foods) She also thinks if Dad can consume around 6 cans of Ensure then he should be OK.

There was no mention of any IV feeding, in fact she said they were not even thinking of that at this point.

So, the goal for Dad is to maintain, maintain, maintain!! If he can continue at this rate, he is golden.
She could not comment on his chemo as she does not have much to do with that side of things.

Dad needs to keep eating or at minimum get some nutrition throughout the day (that could be where the Ensure comes in to play). Are we still trying to call Dad once I week? Even an email would be good. If you talk to Dad, even if you think it is irrelevant; just post a comment. It is not that hard to do and it keeps everyone up to speed.

I hope this answers some questions. If there is anything I missed then I can make another call on Monday ;)

Have a super weekend...and Stuart or Tracy, can you manage a visit with Dad soon? I know Tracy was going to go grocery shopping with him and I think that is a great idea. You know how Dad is, he loves to have his hand held!

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