Monday, March 30, 2009

Melissa and her talk with Dorothy

Hope it is ok but I took it upon myself to call the social worker at the hospital who will be working with your dad.  Her name is Dorothy Swally and can be reached at:

972-519-1584.I informed her that Tracy will be our spokesperson for the family.  I gave her Tracy and Stuart's number and asked her to please call if anything comes up.  Info was given to her regarding your dads medical history, ie. Peg tube being placed then removed, stay at Gulf States and IV nutrition.  She mentioned that because of his experience he may be worried about getting another feeding tube placed.  He is able to get chemo and radiation while he is in the hospital.  Most likely he won’t finish out his treatments because usually people don’t stay a week in the hospital.  At least he might be able to get some treatments while he is there.  She will call us if there is anything that we need to be involved with.


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