Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dad Update

Melissa and I went to see Dad this afternoon. He was dressed in a hospital gown. His ability to speak fluently is gone. He moves his hands, arms and feet around a lot. He desperately wanted water, so Melissa fed him water with the swabs they give you. He said he was hungry, so we fed him a dab of grape jelly on his tongue. That is what it has come down. He did not urinate all day, so we are just waiting for organ failure.
We are going back up tonight to watch a movie with Dad. I am just hoping he can sit peacefully with us. Bottom-line, pray that the end is near. This death has been agonizing. He has fought a good fight and we have all given him our blessing to let go. I hope his body cooperates.

I miss my Mother already. I always wondered what it would be like to pick up the phone and not have a parent to talk to on the other side. I just got my worst nightmare in 24 hours. My Dad wants to communicate and can't. My Mom can't communicate because she is no longer with us. I will miss her tremendously. Everything I am is because of her guidance. My world just got really quiet.

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  1. Steve & Melissa,

    We grieve with you, and pray for you. We want to help you all, and stand ready to. Please call us. Your mother was a fine person, and I'm sure whe will be greatly missed.
    Love to you all! Pat & Glenda