Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Monday

Melissa and I went to HH for lunch. Dad looked much worse. He is beginning to exhibit the following signs:

*Breathing changes
*Very sensitive to touch
*Dislikes any loud noises
*Far away look
*Cool skin
*Discolored skin in the extremities...called modeling
*Hot natured due to possible fever. He rarely has any covers on and tends to show his not so modest side.

This all points to Dad being at the DAYS TO HOURS stage in the dying process. He has not had any fluids in two days and has not urinated in almost 3 days. He cannot communicate above a wink. It is extremely painful to see him in this state. He knows it is ok to let go and has communicated to us that he is ready to die. It will not be much longer from the appearances, but there is always the potential for rally. Lets hope he continues along this peaceful path he is on.

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