Monday, May 3, 2010

Her handiwork

Mom loved to knit. She produced this item for her daughter-in-law Melissa. She had just brought up another item she knitted that was striped and I know Melissa was so proud of it.


  1. Joyce's children,
    Although I only spent a few days in 1970 at the beach with your Mother, I felt I knew her, for your grandmother Rogers,after she moved to Atlanta, always shared her letters with me (in that distinctive,angular handwriting.) Elise admired your Mom enormously and always said,"Joyce is a good Mother." Joyce was so faithful,even after the divorce, to keep in touch with Elise and no one ever took Joyce's place in Elise's eyes. Love, Kay

  2. The sweater is beautiful; it looks like she was really talented and enjoyed sharing her gift with her family. And I love the photo of her name on the sidewalk -- what a neat tradition.
    I never really knew Joyce. I think the only time I saw her was probably that beach trip in 1978 (?). But it's clear that y'all were very close to her, and I'm sure she was proud of each one of you. Continue to cherish the memories of her.
    Love, Rebecca