Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Big Bad Rash

Dad has a big bad rash possibly due to an allergic reaction to his antibiotics. He is taking benadryl for itching but says it still itches! Grant had the same thing happen to him when he was hooked up to IV antibiotics over a period of time.

I spoke with Dr. Perkins today and he's recommended skipping the last 2 chemo treatments and head straight to radiation. Dad and I will go and visit Dr. Greenberg in Plano on Friday for a consultation. We will "unhook" him from his IV's and hook him back up when we return. As for now, we are sticking with Dr. Perkins for chemo at Medical Citye.

On a good note: Bobbie did well in her surgery and will be at the hospital for 2 nights.

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  1. Thanks for all the info Tracy ;) Look at you blogging, blogging, blogging :) LYMI