Sunday, January 11, 2009

The list goes on...........

To clarify some of your questions........

1. Dad's car is at Bobbie's. When I pick him up to go home on Friday, I will most likely take him to Bobbie's to get his car so that he can drive it to his McKinney apt. If that doesn't work out, he can get it at another time.

2. I did not have his mail re-routed since he's going home on Friday. Some loopholes prevented me from doing it this week without his presence. I will make sure he has the mail that is being held, delivered on Friday of this week. Andy is interested in going over bills/interest pymts with you, Steven.

3. I will attempt to schedule his radiation apt. and chemo doc. appt. for next week after he is home. Chemo (Dr. Perkins) is at Medical City. Radiation (Dr. Greenberg) is located in Plano off 15th street and we haven't had any visits with Dr. Greenberg's office yet.

4. In regards to packing Dad's apt., he has a kitchen full of items as well as odds-n-ends that are his. The furniture is staying with the apt. Boxes are going to be needed for all the above. We are all going to have to come up with a plan for furniture and such to furnish his new apt. (This is something we can discuss in our conf. call)

5. As Melissa previously stated, I will be checking out the Evergreen apts. tomorrow if all goes as planned. I will also touch base with Bobbie to get an update on her surgery progress.

Night, Night

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