Thursday, January 15, 2009

Schedules and Plans for the Upcoming Weekend

I would like to find out what the expectations are for the upcoming weekend. I know that Steven and Melissa arrive on Friday. What are your plans for that evening? Meredith is swimming in Frisco and will be done at 6:30. We haven't made any definite plans after that.

As far as Saturday, Grant has basketball pictures and a game at 1:00 p.m. I know that Stuart is to arrive at Dad's apt. in the afternoon on Saturday. Is that still correct?

What would you like for Andy and I to accomplish on Saturday after Grant's game? Are there any plans for Saturday evening? I know that at some point on Saturday, Dad will need to work on his paperwork for the application for the apt.

On Sunday, Andy and I teach Sunday school. We could get together around lunchtime for any loose ends if needed. What are your plans for leaving Steven and Melissa?

I hope you don't think I am wanting "control" over your visit; however, the weekend tends to get busy and I don't want anyone expecting us to do something that we didn't know needed attention, beforehand.

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