Sunday, January 11, 2009


We need a call to action this week. We need to address the following:

*Can someone in Dallas (hint-Stuart) purchase wardrobe boxes (4 at the least) for this weekend.
*Do we need to jump on the Evergreen choice in Plano, Texas? It was first choice when Dad had us take him from facility to facility. Tracy, did you go to the site Friday?
*Stuart....did you ever get the Medicaid packet filled out and completed? We need to meet up Saturday/Sunday and get this in Melissa's hands.
*I have the Durable Power of Attorney packet.....its confusing. One portion is signed, the other not signed. It has been notarized. We also have all his insurance policys and living will residing in our security box at the bank.
*Where is Dad's car? Has someone started in the past 3 weeks...if not we need to make sure it is still charged.
*Where to next as far as care facilities?
*What do we know about the mail situation? Are we getting insight to credit/debt issues? What about bills that are popping up from this care or other suprises?

I fly in Friday afternoon from Buffalo. Melissa gets the lucky task of driving from Arkansas on Friday afternoon in the white beast. We have no agenda other than getting the McKinney apartment packed and completed. The clothes are 80% of the job. The other 20% includes food, cleaning products, pictures, and records/papers. Should not be too difficult. Its all part of the process, right? Look forward to seeing all.......

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  1. I am sorry I can't be there to help! I will be there as soon as I can (Jan 30th)