Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Keeping you posted!

We spent time with Dad on Sunday and he looked great! Grant took him on a walk while Meredith snapped pictures along the way. We brought movies for him, too. Unfortunatley, we missed the doctor who visited right after we left. The wound is healing and liquids are on the horizon for dad according to the doctor.

I was able to get dad to agree to have his mail re-routed to our home for a short period of time. This will also help him get his mail when he moves out of his apt. and doesn't have a forwarding address right away. He is also making me a list of items in his apt. that we need to move. He does own the majority of kitchen items in addition to some accessories here and there. He is going to let me know what can go to Goodwill and what he wants to go to storage.

I finally spoke to Amy who is the case worker for Dad at Gulf States. She is going to drop off a book to dad's room of skilled nursing facilities in the metroplex. She stated that we could find 3 choices and she would help us narrow them down. Most importantly, we have to find a Cancer Center that is close to one of these facilities. A point that Amy made was that some skilled nursing facilities DO NOT reimburse for transportation to Cancer Centers but will be reimbursed for patients going to hospitals, such as Medical City. I will hopefully find out more about Cancer Centers (especially in the Plano area) today from Dr. Perkins office. Once I find out the Cancer Centers location, I will contact Amy and have her do some ground work for me.

Dad is open to finding a "temporary" facility to stay at through his cancer treatments. He is mostly interested in finding a Cancer Center closer to his network of friends. I reminded him that he would be going to a Cancer Center long after his treatments are over, so it needs to be convenient to where he lives temporarily and permanently.

Dr. Kim (internal medicine doctor)who is overseeing Dad at Gulf States, will be meeting with Amy at some point today to discuss Dad's discharge date and progress. I expect to hear something from her late today.

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