Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wanted to throw this out to everyone and hear your thoughts. Diane from the Senior apt that dad looked at in December called to say that two, 1 bedroom apartments have opened up. They will be available the end of January. He is third on the list and she has contacted the other people before him to let them know about this. Right now it is really the first couple of people that put down a deposit of $150 will get the apartment. If he is serious then we need to decide if we need to move on this. Rent is $686/month with a one year lease. He would be responsible to pay the electric. Diane can be reached at 1-866-408-5758 if anyone has questions. This is a basic apartment not an assisted living. If we get on the medicaid application that Stuart has dad may qualify for help like a housekeeper etc. based on his income and disability. This would then give him some added support in the apartment.

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