Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dad leaves Gulf States Friday 1/16, will head back to apartment

The plan now is for dad to leave Gulf States this Friday 1/16/09.On a good note dad has healed up well and is doing much better. The doctor feels like he will be able to return home to his apartment.He will not need to go to a skilled rehab afterall.

Tracy is going to look at the senior apt.(Evergreen Plano) Monday(1/12).From what we know that apartment won't be available until January 26th.She is going to see if there is any possibility that it can be available this weekend.Then we would be able to pack up the McKinney apt and move him directly into the Plano apt.If it isn't available until the 26th, we will pack up everything but the bare essentials so it will be easier once he is able to move.

Dad won't start radiation for another few weeks.He will have an appointment with his radiologist sometime next week.At that point we will have more details about what his treatments will be like.

We need to have a conference call early this week.What day is best for everyone, Monday,Tuesday, or Wednesday?Also let Steven know what time would work best to have the call.This will allow us to work out any details before the weekend.

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