Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's all GOOD!

Well, the ARCH angel answered my call last night and bumped someone "gently" off the list of residents at EVERGREEN and now DAD is set and ready!!!

The manager, Sandy, called me this morning and said she had a 2nd floor apt. ready for DAD to move into! Prayers are answered!!

So, I spoke with Dad today extensively about the financial application and all the details he needed. I made him make a list of businesses and such to get a hold of for information. Unfortunately, we couldn't print off his bank statements at my house, so he is calling the bank to have them sent to him via mail. All these efforts in getting the application completed and approved are IMPORTANT! You must all encourage him to keep up with this "job" of getting the information while he is sitting idle in the hospital!

I am mailing a check for the deposit TODAY! He will move in on Friday, Jan. 30th which works out perfect for Suzanne to be able to assist with all of that! He's got a corner apt. so he only has one neighbor and is close to the elevator. That's conveneint!

Medical City of Plano is right down the road and he will have his radiation there in a month or more! Bobbie is a stone throw away! He can at least have Bobbie come over and have some coffee at the coffee bar occasionally!

I am thrilled! : )


  1. Great work! We are all thrilled he is getting into evergreen. Steven maybe we should return their nice standup brouchure that you took?!?!?