Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Nights alright for Fightin...get a little action here

Suzanne and I are with Dad tonight at HH. Dad was dressed in Khakis and an oxford shirt. He looked great and dressed for the occasion. I took Suzanne to Mama Z's in Tontitown to fill her in on the situation so she would be ready for what she was going to see. Dad seems to have great fears at night....almost every night he thinks he is going to die. He has expressed that every day I have seen him since Wednesday.
He and Suzanne looked at photos from old times and Suzanne gave Dad a foot massage. Dad was in good mood all week.
I will have her author the next blog so you get her impressions and thoughts from the trip.

I have been relaying all your thoughts, cards, prayers to Dad as they have been coming in. Thanks for the positive energy.



  1. Give my love to Suzanne. I am thinking of her, and I know that this visit will be very difficult for her. All of you are in my thoughts and prayers this weekend. Bobbie

  2. Bobbie, you are so sweet! I am just grateful to have this time with Dad.