Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday Evening

Melissa and I are here at HH tonight. Dad is in good spirits. We are watching a movie called "Hard Knox" starring Robert Conrad, the infamous guy with the battery on his shoulder. Dad is now taking steriods and some kind of swish and swallow (Pink Magic) medicine. This is to increase his appetite and ease his swallowing.
Right now he is bedbound other than assistance to the bathroom or shower. He is also having his dressing changed every day.
Dad is also taking periodic morphine pills. Dad always says that is what they give people who are dying...not sure if he is being funny or not.
We are not sure on Dad's release from this site.....we are going to have a family consult with Dr. Pacl. We want to try to keep Dad at HH till after Suzanne's visit. This would give him some regularity and would not disrupt his care.
That is all the news for today.

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