Saturday, April 24, 2010

Raindrops Keep Falling on our heads

Its a gloomy Saturday here in the Ozarks. Much needed rain has fallen all night and into the morning. Its 10am and no Dad in site. He is sleeping in I suppose. We don't get to see him in the mornings due to work schedules, so I suppose it must be like this more than not.
It has been very disturbing to see Dad this way. He is very little other than skin and bones. Any kind of fall is going to be traumatic. He is difficult to understand. Everything he says has to be repeated at least once, if not multiple times. He struggles taking pills, drinking fluids, and eating. Half of what goes down comes back up. He complains about throat pain, but has not relied on too many pain pills in the past two days.
We are trying to resist the urge to wait on Dad hand and foot. He will allow you to be at his beckon call if you are nearby. Foods are prepared for one bite. He likes the idea of the food, but cannot eat it when it is prepared. Ensure is the only food item he can seem to get down his throat, but half of the calories come back up.
This is really no way to live. He has become a prisoner of the house. He cannot enjoy the things he loves...eating, driving, having freedoms.
All in all, the multiple surgeries have left Dad's body broken and empty. The lack of nutrition over the past 1.5 years has not aided in fighting disease or recovery. How long does he have? We really don't know, but based on what the past week has shown, it won't be pretty if we can't improve his weight.

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  1. my heart breaks for Dad. i don't believe he is even living anymore, just existing. thank you for clarifying that he NEVER answers the phone. being far away is hard and i will now write letters and send cards. i can't wait to see all of you next week.