Sunday, April 25, 2010


Melissa and I went to see Dad at HH. He was up and looked a bit better. He was just about to eat....and the nurse brought the forbidden food.....pureed meal #1. He waved it away. Luckily Melissa had packed Tomato soup.....of course we added cheese to the top (one of the items we never forget from our childhood,,,,Dad adding toppings to soup a la Dean's dandy dinner). He struggles badly after eating anything.....coughs and coughs and coughs. It sounds like someone with pneumonia. After he ate we watched the movie "The Sniper"....he was extremely happy to see it and had been asking me to play it since last night. We then snuck the dogs into the room so Dad could feed them carrots. It was like a zoo in the room for a brief period. Don't know who had a better time-the dogs or dad?
Dad went to sleep after the movie and the hounds and I left around 4:30. We plan to return for dinner.
I think if he continues to progress and we can get him up walking he can return to the casa. To be seen.

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  1. Sounds good-hopefully he will continue to improve and be able to come home to the "magnificent domicile" before Suzanne's arrival.

    Couldn't spell" edipus"--neither could spell check