Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Monday

Went to go see Dad this morning at HH. He was sleeping peacefully when I arrived. The nurse, Roger (not Fokker), came in when I was in the room and took Dad's vitals. The orderly came in soon after with breakfast. Of course, Dad was not happy with the meal (cream of wheat). Instead, we arranged for eggs to be subsituted. I put some cheese on top and salt and pepper and we had a happy customer. He also likes his coffee, so I took care of that part. Dad was able to walk to the bathroom and back unattended, so that was a positive.
He had some memory issues last evening. He did not remember seeing Melissa and he also had a moment that he still thought the dogs were in his room (he could only be so lucky). I don't know if this is from lack of nourishment, blood flow restriction or something worse. The regular doctor was going to make his rounds today. This should allow us to get more complete information.
I helped dress Dad and I can only describe it as what you would see in WW II concentration camp photos. There is nothing left in regards to muscle tone. He is very simply skin and bone. I have also seen a return of something on the side of his neck (left hand side). Will get more details as we know of these situations.
Its been extremely emotional lately and very tough to witness his demise. Please pray for us to continue to show strength to Dad. He is a safe and caring place. If he is released soon I am going to set him up back in the home. We will secure nursing assistance to cover the periods that we are not there.


  1. good news that he is able to move around a little better. please tell dad how much i love him and miss him. i am counting the days....

  2. Thanks Suzanne for the picture. Amazing that we both found the same one. I will always think of will as the 1959 officer in that picture.

  3. We are praying that Will's progress will continue - glad to know he was able to walk to the bathroom unassisted. Steven, you and Melissa are wonderful to be there for Will as I know it is comforting to him to have you with him and providing the care he needs. Tell Will he is in our thoughts and prayers and we send our love.

  4. Dear Father in heaven, in accordance with Your powerful, life-giving Word, I ask you our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our father, who loved us and by his grace gave us eternal encouragement and good hope, encourage Melissa and Steven's hearts and strengthen them in every good deed and word.

    ~2 Thessalonians 2: 16-17

  5. Natalie and I are still enjoying the cookbooks Will gave us for our wedding. We are both learning to cook together as a couple. There's lots of trial and error involved, but Will has given us something to do together that will last a lifetime.

    My fondest memory of Will is the "Tough Stuff" t-shirt he gave us at the beach. That was my favorite outfit for years and years.

    Steven and Melissa, thanks so much for keeping us all informed. I'll continue to check and continue to keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers.