Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Good The Bad The Ugly

Good.....Dad was eating and looking ok today and was getting excellent care. After meeting with the doctor he agreed to keep Dad in the HH facility until next Tuesday. We will review at that time the next move (if any) is needed. The social worker told us that she did not believe he would have to move, but we are planning for worse case scenario.

The Bad......We weighed Dad. He now weighs 115. If you recall, he weighed 121 when we entered him into the facility on Saturday. This is the main reason he is getting to stay in HH at this point. He is losing 1 pound per day.

The Ugly....We are probably going to see a decline over time after the visits from Suzanne and Stuart. He is excited for the company, but still there will be a downturn after they leave. Also, if Dad is staying in HH and it is not being covered by Medicare, the daily cost to us is $180. This could become a reality very quickly. This will have to be a discussion that we have early next week. I also requested for Stuart to bring the car title up this weekend in case we need to sell the vehicle before he passes away. It is not good for it to sit idle and Dad will never drive again. It depends on his mood.....not so sure its a good item to discuss this weekend due to the finality.

Dad has a patch on his neck that is helping to dry out his mouth. This will relieve him of all the coughing and congestion he has been dealing with every day after mealtime. He is struggling to eat and his shirt probably gets more food than his stomach. Its a real sad state of affairs on the nutrition side of the house.

On the sunny side of the house......Melissa and I are taking the dogs up to his room tonight for some pet therapy. I am trying to see Dad as much as possible since I have to leave on a business trip this Sunday.


  1. Melissa and Steven, please tell John that I miss him and care for him very much. I will be taking my mother back to Georgia the weekend of May 10, and I hope to come see John when I return. I will be sending you his mail tomorrow. Let me know if there is anything else I can do. Love to you both, Bobbie

  2. Steven,
    I can't imagine how difficult this situation must be for you and Melissa. But I'm sure that your presence and your efforts serve to lessen Will's pain and anxiety.
    I'm glad that you are able to bring the dogs to see him. I am a firm believer in the ability of animals to cheer people up and ease their suffering.
    Keep the faith. Love, Rebecca