Friday, April 23, 2010

Hospice information visit

The social worker from Circle of Life Hospice came out today to meet with your dad,Steven and I. He wanted to think about it at this point. Hospice would be the best decision based on his medical need at this time. They can address his physical and emotional needs.

His nutrition status is the biggest issue at this point, not the cancer. Dr. Randy Shinn, the geriatrician here, feels that if John can drink 3 ensures a day that would be the best thing to improve his nutrition. A feeding tube at this point is not an option. We meet again with Dr Shinn on Monday and then will go to wound care after that. Most likely he will sign on with hospice Tuesday.

John has been in a good mood while he has been here. He is frustrated that it is hard for him to talk and eat. He is not been answering phone calls because of this. We are hoping that everyone will have an idea about how things are going by referring to the blog. John is really looking forward to Suzanne coming next weekend. We are too. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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