Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bobbie Knows

I got a call from Bobbie yesterday. Dad had asked her to make a print out of the call list I made for Dad. On that list it had his debt related to credit cards. She asked me if it was really a fact that Dad had over 35k in credit card debt. I had to tell her the truth. She seemed concerned since her perception during the early dating period was that money was not an issue. He was very generous and they would trade paying for meals, etc. He seemed to make a lot of whim purchases with little regard to the financial impact. She was floored that someone who seems so financially savvy could be in such a pickle. What could I say? I agreed and said it was a shocker when we discovered it two months ago.
On a more sobering note, Bobbie says she just cannot allow Dad to move in when he is released from the hospital. He says he does not need rehab and is ready to go back to the FREE world. She fears that he will make his way to her place and she will be stuck being a 24 hour caretaker like she was when he had his first feeding tube. Guys, it is up to us to have a plan that does not allow Bobbie to have to be his nursemaid. This woman has visited dad EVERY day since he has been in the hospital. She has been neck deep in this mess since the second week she met him. She now knows all Dad's warts. We may as well involve her in some of our discussions so we can help prevent her from being the victim. She cares for him deeply, but most of you know she just buried a husband from cancer who occupied the room three doors down on the same floor of the hospital Dad currently is placed in.
I am not seeing enough blog info from anyone. The next 2 weeks is critical. It takes very little time to update each other this way so we can avoid having to burn up the phone lines.
We need to implore Dad to go to the rehab center. He has been on his back for 2 solid weeks and we want to get him as healthy as possible for the next scan. It is not Bobbie's job to do any of this. It is a miracle that she has been as involved as she has considering their short dating period.
Stuart----you are visiting him today. Tell us what you know?
Tracy-----any news on the release date and facility for rehab?
Suzanne---can you help me fight the electricity bill? I have the info and will be looking to reduce the $300 in any way possible.

I am going to start working the credit card debt down tomorrow. Melissa and I are going to go through the medicaid application today and see if it is 100% complete. Dad has promised to sell $1000 in equities and send the check to my address. I will hold it in savings for now. It might be put to good use by paying on one of the credit cards to get Dad some financial flexibility. Will let you know when we mail it. Finally, I will let everyone know when we start getting evidence of Dad's mail arriving here.

Folks,,,,,,its getting to the end of the treatments. Please dive in and lets make this part successful!


  1. I spoke with Dad tonight and he seems a bit down. He is concerned that he is at the end of the road and he is not "cured". I tried to be positive and assure him that the doctors have his best interest at heart and he needs to keep his chins up! I will make sure and make daily phone calls too. I wanted to send a package to him but he said nothing right now :( Is there anything you think he could use?

  2. Hang on to that thought of doing something for him until mid-week when we know where he will be going? He could use some things to make his new surroundings cheerier. His flowers are on their last leg and the helium balloon is hanging tough. I will try and think of something in the meantime so we are ready to roll by the end of the week!