Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dr. Kirby's Review

As you know, Dad had an appt. with Dr. Kirby on Tues. which was a follow-up to his release from the hospital.

Dr. Kirby thought Dad looked "sturdy and great" for his week at home. He remarked that his physical exam was "stable" and that Dad should be feeling better and better in the weeks to come.

Dr. Kirby is concerned about Dad's neck; however, he thinks the mass is smaller than it was. He mentioned that it could be scar tissue, but due to inflammation he cannot do a PET scan until 5-6 weeks of healing. Otherwise, it would be hard to intrepret the scans. Dr. Kirby says he has no idea what the base tongue cancer looks like until the scans are done, too.

According to Dr. Kirby we can be looking forward to analyzing the following:

1. Pet Scan is either; Normal or Abnormal
2 Whether or not the disease is still left/what is left?
3. Whether Dad is a candidate for a radical surgery or not? (age is a factor)

Our next step is a scheduled visit with Dr. Kirby and Dr. Greenberg (radiologist)in May. I will plan on being at that appt. with Dad to determine when the scans will take place. Dr. Kirby would also like Dad to have an appt. with his ENT (ear,nose &throat- Dr. Truelson) in the same time frame as the scans.

If you have any questions, please let me know!


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