Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stuart we need your expertise....

I have been thinking a lot about having a hired caregiver come by weekly for the next 2 months. Does anyone have any thoughts about this? The lady Janet that I spoke with has a lot of experience and could help your dad with organization, cleaning and laundry. Your dad is not able to afford this so it would be up to all of us. Janet has a 4 hour minimium at $12 an hour. If all the kids would commit to $100 that would cover 2 months.

This is a very critical time for your dad and this may prevent another hospitalization. I know Bobbie is very involved but I think this may take some pressure off of her.

So I am asking Stuart to assess your dads situation when you see him on Sunday. He has been there less than a week. Steven organized and cleaned when he was in town so things should be pretty orderly. Don't just take your dads word for it because he will tell you "everything is just fine". I sure hope it is but we do need to be on our toes.

Any thoughts?



  1. This sounds like a great idea for Dad !

    Also, I called Dr. Kirby today to speak with him in regards to what dad said was a "three month" waiting period until they assess his cancer and unfortunately Dr. Kirby was out of the offices until Monday.

    I looked through my notes that I had taken when I spoke with Dr. Kirby on Tuesday of this week and I had noted a 3-4 week (not month) period before they would do any assessments for Dad. This brief waiting period was due to his throat being swollen from radiation.

    Again, I will speak with Dr. Kirby next week and get his actual time frame so that we can have a clearer picture of his progress.


  2. FYI ---

    Currently, nurse is only coming once a week. She's not really offering Dad any services since he's doing his feedings all by himself.

    Dad is suppose to call today to make a follow-up appt.for Dr. Kirby next week.


  3. I'll let you know when I see him on Sunday.