Thursday, April 9, 2009

Caregiver Information

Melissa derived the following information through many calls today:

I talked to Janet Zettle who is a private caregiver.  She is super nice and sounds like she has a lot of good references.  She is 70 but very independent.  Her son is the assistant chief of police for Plano.  She is going to be in CA for a week starting April 21st.  Her cost is $12/hour with a 4 hr minimum.  The agencies I contacted in Dallas are between $16-$20 hour with a 4 hour minimum.  She can help with meals, laundry and she could be taught the tube feeding.  I told her that we still are up in the air about what is going to happen but I would call her either way.
FYI,  there are many types of medicaid.  If you dad qualifies for straight medicaid then that will become his supplemental.  If he qualifies for QMB medicaid then that means that they only pay his monthly premium for
 medicare part B which is $96.00.  If he only qualifies for QMB then he would still keep his secondary insurance and have to pay the monthly fees on that.  It is all very confusing but the main thing is that you got it done and we can turn it in and see what happens. 

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