Tuesday, April 21, 2009

low man on the totem pole

Dad has an appointment with Dr. Kirby today at 11:15. I called and asked Dad if he would put me on the contact list. He told me that they are pretty much talking specifically with Tracy which is fine but, kind of made me feel out of the loop.

So, Tracy when you get a chance can you call their office and get an update on Dad's progress and what was accomplished at this appt?


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  1. As always, I have shared what the doctors have told me with Dad and to this blog.

    Dad's visit today was a follow-up to his release from the hospital.

    We will NOT know any news regarding his cancer until his throat heals and they are able to get an accurate scan of the affected area (approx.3-4 weeks).

    Currently, Dad is doing all the right things to heal his throat.