Friday, April 17, 2009

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Today I spoke with your dad's nurse, Minoo. She went to see your dad on Wed. and will see him next Monday. Her plan is to see your dad weekly for 1-2 more weeks. While she was there she witnessed him doing his feeding. She said that he was doing it correctly. He talked about feeling confident that he is able to handle the dressing changes around the incision. He didn't want her to look under the dressing. I encouraged her to see if your dad will allow her to check it out and make sure there is no infection. God forbid there are issues like he had with the first tube. I also asked her to reiterate the importance of maintaining the proper nutition. She mentioned that your dad seems confident in what he is doing. Hopefully this is the case. She will weigh him per my request, at her next visits. Minoo did mention to me that he talked about being upset about the cancer diagnosis, which is natural. She did ask about an antidepessant because he does seem sad. I informed her that he got 1 prescription filled in Oct and the doctor wrote a new prescription in December for an anti-depressant that he never got filled. She thought it might be good for him to be on something. She will try to discuss this with him during there next meeting. She said she will contact us if anything comes up that needs to be addressed.

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  1. Great news! I am so happy there will be someone (esp a nurse) checking on him. I spoke with him today and he seemed in to be in a good mood. I know this has to be a beat down though. I just wish the Dr's had more answers for him :(