Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Melissa has obtained the correct ordering format from a medical company called Apria (1-866-244-1230). She is giving them her credit card # as a backup in case the insurance does not cover the Ensure purchases. We feel 99.9% positive that this will be covered by Medicare. Dad smartly kept his past Ensure purchase receipts and we will be submitting those for reimbursement.
The nurse Minoo will be going to Dad's apartment again to check the wound and also verify Dad's overall health and progress. She was there yesterday too.
Most importantly, we are submitting the application for Medicaid today. We had to wait for Dad to get his Ameritrade account below $2000. That officially occurred yesterday.

More on bills later.

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  1. Great Job on the Medicaid. Will you please let us know when official and he can start receiving some benefits?

    Also, what kind of benefits will he be able to qualify for would be helpful once we get across the finish line!