Friday, April 10, 2009

Melissa's List of To-do's for my visit

Task 1=Try to schedule an appt with the social worker=Met with Dorothy. Nothing earth shattering here. She was supposed to deliver a new medicaid application, but two days later I had nothing. Luckily, we found the old one. She did help me sell the concept of medicaid to Dad, so that was pretty helpful.
Task 2=Make sure Dad can use feeding tube before he leaves the hospital, to include feeding and flushing. Dad fed himself yesterday after I forced the issue with the nurse. It is straightforward. The key is the rinsing of the tube every time to prevent clotting of the Ensure.
Task 3=If a home nurse can be oredered we would like this to follow his nutritional statu and make sure he is using the tube correctly. I believe we are going to use the service that is in-house at his apartment? Medicaid could have a lot to do with choices here.
Task 4=When Dad runs out of feeding product does he order this or does home care RN? We need to know which formulas he is going to be prescribed per Dorothy the social worker.
Task 5=Can Dad eat anything by mouth? Yes, can and want are two different things. He did drink coffee yesterday.
Task 6=What does he do with tube when showering? Dad has been through this before the last time he had a feeding tube. No change here and no reason to cover.
Task 7=Try to finish and mail in medicaid application. Complete and will mail in from Arkansas.
Task 8=Make sure hospital has a record of Dad's medicare and supplemental insurance. Dorothy assured me that this is all in line and already on record.


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