Monday, April 13, 2009

Discharge likely for Tuesday 4/14/09

I talked to your dad tonight and it sounds as if he is going to be discharged back to his apartment tomorrow after his radiation.He sounds anxious to return home.He did say that he is not eligible for rehab since he is so independent.His nurse mentioned too that he is doing great bathing himself, dressing etc. so he doesn't seem to need rehab.I mentioned that the family is very worried about his nutritional status and that is one of our biggest concerns.Our goal should be to follow closely with the home care nurse etc to make sure he is doing well from a nutritional standpoint. We are trying to prevent any returning trips back into the hospital.

We do have a ladys name that is able to provide home caregiving(info in a previous blog) so if we need to have her come in to check on him that is an option.This would be private pay.Home care will be covered by medicare and they will send out a nurse no more than once daily and less as the weeks go by.

Your dad sounded pretty good tonight and was actually eating some chicken noodle soup.Phone calls,letters(sent to Bobbie since his mail is coming here)and visits are what he needs right now.

Tracy any info you can find out about the upcoming appointments would be helpful.

Talk to you all later.

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  1. I will speak with the doctors tomorrow about our next step. I wanted to give them a day (Monday) to re-group and it looks like Dr. Kirby has given dad the green light to go home.

    I couldn't get much information out of Dad tonight as he said his throat was hurting.

    More later...