Thursday, April 9, 2009


I arrived this am at 0830am....Dad was still asleep and complained of a very sore throat. I went back downstairs and handled some work business. When I came back at 0930 he was up and feeling better.
Here is what we got accomplished today:

1. Found the Medicaid application and got it 99% completed after 1 hours work.
2. Got Dad to agree to let us re-route his mail to Arkansas. This with a lot of
Bobbie. The plan is to streamline what is coming in and mail back to him
what is important.
3. I have built a list for Dad to call all vendors he does business with and
get me added as someone who can talk directly with them. This is huge.
4. Inspected his apartment. Electricity is back on.
5. Met with the home health care advocate at Evergreen about Dad and the
services they offer. This is in the lobby of his apartment building.
6. Found out what Dad had being paid automatically...its everything but his
electricity, rent, and cable.
7. Discovered that Dad's supplemental insurance is going up 8% in August
unless he changed to Plan F with USAA or Medicaid becomes his
8. Cleaned out all the clutter in Dad's car, minus the trunk.
9. Took his dry cleaning in to the chinese guys that Dad loves so much.
10. Bobbie is taking care of his laundry.

All in all.....very tiring day.

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